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“I recently had a tender installed on my Yacht 45. The fit is absolutely perfect and I couldn't be more pleased. I did quite a bit of research and there is simply nothing out there in it's class like the Skipper 10' for the perfect fit on the Yacht 45.

It has a complete center console with a 30HP auto tilt engine and it will seat 4. It's truly a little boat in and of itself. It's design is just a bit narrower and at 10 it is completely contained on the platform. I was very concerned that the tender would impede getting on and off the boat, but there is plenty of room at the aft door if the tender is installed with the bow on the starboard side.

The install went flawlessly and they have a great system for strapping it down securely. The install group told me it was one of the cleanest installs they have done due to the good and sturdy design on the Y45.“

Steve Leham - Skipper 10'


Skipper customers rely on our staff not only to put them in the right tender for their family's needs, but one that fits and works with their yacht and its equipment. The correct fit of a tender is critical. Often times fit and installation need to be handled by an outside professional installation company which we can provide. Please contact Sport Tenders International to discuss your tender needs and we will be happy to let you know which tender is best for you, your family and guests.

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